Thursday, June 18, 2015

Father's Day Without A Father?

My Maker, My Husband
For your Maker is your husband-
the Lord Almighty is his name-
the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;
he is called the God of all the earth.  Isaiah 54:5
Last week as you know, we had a 4th birthday in our house.  She still had her pacifier (I can't believe I just confessed that on the internet!). When she turned two, Mike mentioned to me that we needed to get rid of it and I agreed because she was already twice as old as the older girls when they got rid of their "paci".  So, we had her down to naps and bedtime with her paci UNTIL his accident and then she had her friend more than ever.  She found such comfort in it, I couldn't take it from her.  With her 4th birthday on it's way, I talked to her about how she was a little girl and not a baby and didn't need it anymore. She decided she would "give" it away to a baby we knew.  She went to her closet, got a dress out to also give the little one along with her paci.  The actual "giving" it away was easy...several nights have been easier than others...and that brings me to this blog post.  Last night...NOT SO EASY!  She cried and cried for her paci at bedtime.  As I struggled to keep her in her bed and in her room as she cried, I kept praying and thinking to myself, "what if Mike were here, what would we be doing different than I am doing right now?"  She finally managed to stay in her bed and after about 10 more minutes of crying she fell asleep.  As I laid in my bed, listening to her cry and beg for her paci, my heart broke for her because I knew how she felt.  It gave her such comfort and now it was gone.  Like my husband did for me...husbands make us feel safe and secure.  
As she was crying, I was crying out to God for comfort and strength to fall upon her like never before and for Him to bless her with the peace only He could offer.  And, that's what He did...she fell asleep, and slept all night.  
I have read the above scripture many times, but thought, "yeah right, how can my Maker be my husband?"...well, I can tell you last night I found out!  I didn't need Mike here with me to calm her down and comfort her, ALL I needed WAS my Maker.  I felt complete guidance and peace.  I know if Mike would have been here, we would have been beside ourselves and had a much longer ordeal because we would have been trying to continue to "do it ourselves", but I didn't have a choice...I turned to God, prayed and He took care of it for me.  I hate that my little one is without her friend in some ways and I hated to go through what we did last night, but on the other hand, I am so grateful for it because I realized Isaiah 54:5 is true.
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  1. What a great story! The Bible verse came to life for you!


    1. Dear Flower Lady, It's God's story. I am glad I can share what He has done with my life through His word. Carrie Jo

  2. Thank you for your post. I have also had times where I didn't know what to do and wished Bobby was around to help. I also realized that God was and is always there. He has never fell me with any situation I have encountered. Hugs and kisses from California.

    1. Amazing to think it came to such a desperate time in my life for me to really understand and realize, He's ALWAYS there for me, if my husband was there or not. Carrie Jo

  3. Thank you for your comments. My husband died last July. I can't stop crying tonight. I'm supposed to be out in the living room celebrating my son's 21st birthday but I can't stop crying. This doesn't happen often but often enough to let me know that I'm still shaken to the core over my husband's death and I feel all alone. I am a believer and your verse about God being our husband helped a lot. I do feel His presence and support most of the time but what upset me tonight was a conversation I had with my 26 year old. I have seven kids, ages 26 to almost 7. My husband was pretty sick the last few years of his life before he died of cancer. He was much better at talking with the kids about faith and had much more patience with them when they were questioning faith in God. I became upset tonight when my oldest son was spouting his faithless, too smart for religion nonsense and I've basically been crying every since. I love my kids. We did the best we knew to do in raising them in the faith and now it's left to me and I'm just mom in a house full of teenagers and young adults who are all too smart for God. Please pray for me.

    1. I can hear and feel your pain as you express the hurt you are experiencing now. Please remember that as our children as young, we teach them God's ways and do the best job as can as parents. We plant seeds in them throughout all of those years. Then as adults, they have a choice to follow or not to follow. I know you and your husband did the best you could throughout their childhood. God was there leading and directing you and your husband and He is still there for you to continue on this journey. Lean into Him...He is there. Carrie Jo.

  4. Just read this on the internet "Grief Speaks Out"
    (I'm Homesick, homesick for a place I'm not sure it even exists, a place where my heart is full and a place where my soul is understood). The only place like this must me in another land where my citizenship has already been purchased. ~ Heaven~

  5. prayer for all widows but a special prayer lifted for Ms. JAnonymous with seven children.
    Father on this pilgrimage and journey called life there are many times when all looks grim and hopeless. As your children you have left us with many precious promises which is our inheritance. One of those promises is "I will heal the broken hearted and bind up their wounds" Sometimes our spirits groan within us not knowing what to say, we just know we are in great anguish and we ask you for grace, strength and hope to trust when we don't see or know how.
    Please Dear Lord , leave us not to ourselves and to our weak and frail imaginings. As Apostle Paul once said "if we have hope only in this life we are of all men most miserable".
    Thank you for being our husband and leading us . You' tell us in your word "we have not because we ask not" . We reverently and humbly give you praise with thanksgiving for this our petition of asking for help, hope and healing. In Christ love ___ amen


    1. Amen! Thank you for praying and for sharing your prayer with us so we can join you in asking for God's help.


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