Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Transforming Power of Miracles

"Good morning!" he said as he was walking out of the post office and I was on my way in.

"Beautiful day!" I replied. I saw him spot the wrist brace I've been wearing for tendonitis.

"I'm Brother Wills, may I pray for you?"

My heart leapt. "Of course," I said. I need all the prayer I can get, don't you?

He laid his hand on my brace, proclaimed "healing in Jesus' name, Amen," and quoted Scripture to me as he got into his car.

As it happened, (one of my favorite phrases from the Book of Ruth), my Bible reading yesterday morning was about healing too. "I just read that this morning!" I told him. He smiled and waved from behind the wheel.

And that was all, not more than 90 seconds. I didn't think to throw away the wrist brace. I actually felt worse both physically and emotionally as the day went on. But at my lowest point I remembered what had happened so quickly that morning---God saw me, and God moved a stranger to see me too. "Thank you, Lord," I whispered. I'd been seen by God! That was a greater miracle than my wrist being healed; it healed my heart and my day took a turn for the better.

Do you know what? God sees you, too. I think he moved me to share this little incident with you today. I don't know why you need to hear that God sees you, but I do know that you're broken too. And maybe, like me, if you realize God sees you, that's one of the best miracles of all because it transforms the heart.

Come, let us bow down in worship,
let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;
for he is our God
and we are the people of his pasture,
the flock under his care.
Psalm 95:6,7   
Praise him today that he sees us; and please pray for our nation on this National Day of Prayer.


  1. I see this often where God uses our difficulties to help someone else. Just as this man encouraged you, God also used this discouraging difficulty in your life to write this post to encourage us. God is good all the time.

  2. That's so true,Sharon, and I know you've seen first hand where God transforms difficulties into blessings. I appreciate your wisdom, insight, and ministry to me!

  3. Sometimes the Lord speaks through others to minister, pray and encourage us. We are recipients of mega blessings and benefits if we would notice. It can be the simplest of incidences, for instance like today at Wal-Mart I purchased some underclothes that had been soiled from falling in the floor, the cashier said "mam this is soiled would you like for me to take 10% off the price"? I said yes and thank you.... then I said "thank you Lord, you were watching over me"

    One of my favorite promises for God's children is . . . . .
    "He Withdraws not his eyes from the righteous" Job 36:7 How absolutely comforting, strengthening and reassuring that God's love, grace and mercy is forever watching over us. We are even engraven upon his heart and in the palms of His hands and not one hair falls to the ground that he doesn't take notice.

    And I believe His eyes and love are even more upon us as we have become widowed, surely of all occasions of our life's journey - this is one of life's episodes His eyes are fixed upon us. God Bless

  4. What wonderful words from a transformed heart... thank you Anonymous, and thank You, Lord Jesus...


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