Saturday, November 22, 2014

Keys to Finding Rest in Widowhood

God provided key ways for me to find some much needed rest and peace. 

1. God had people in my life who could help me, but they couldn’t read my mind. I had to ask them. Groan, I hate asking for help, don't you?

So the morning after my meltdonw I called some (Not all) of those sweet church ladies. You know, the ones who say, “Now if there’s anything I can do, you call me, ok?” Several of them picked up their phone and heard me say “Bring a sandwich and meet me at the park at noon.” They thought they were coming to a picnic! Hah! 

Once everyone had gathered, I told them about my meltdown and I showed them the horrible things I’d written in my tear-stained journal the night before. I cried, they cried, … we all cried! I told them, “I’m broken and crippled and I need you---like the friends in the Bible story who broke carried the crippled man to Jesus---I need you to carry me to Jesus. Climb the roof, break through the roof and lower me down to Jesus every day for the next 2 weeks so I can make it through my daughter’s wedding.” 

Did they all do it?

No. People never live up to our expectaions (and we don't live up to theirs). But enough of them prayed and phoned me. Enough. I love that word. 2 Cor. 12:9 God’s grace was sufficient... 
Have you tripped and fallen too? What was it for you? A rebellious child? Bankruptcy? A bad boyfriend?

God's rest, grace, kindness and rescue comes through his people. But we’ve got to ask, and we've got to ask the right people.

There was another key to rest and peace too. God’s grace comes through Himself. Just as I had to tell people I was struggling, I had to tell God. There was a little path at this Rest Area on my journey. A path to prayer. We'll talk about it on Monday. Until then, rest your body, mind and spirit this weekend. Grief is exhausting and draining and sometimes we just have to sit still. ferree

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  1. I could say ditto to this "1. God had people in my life who could help me, but they couldn’t read my mind. I had to ask them. Groan, I hate asking for help, don't you?"
    Yes, I have tripped and fallen. My Love Language is Giving. Matt gave me specific instructions on what to do with the Life Insurance Money. I did them to a T. I needed instructions on what to do after that. I was over generous with my parents and friends to the point of putting myself in debt. I am trying to get out and stay out. I am taking Financial Peace University. I cannot undo what I've done. I can only move forward. But I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way this past year. No more helping people. People can help themselves. I will continue to help the stray cats though.


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