Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Functioning With A New Reality

After my physical therapy session for my back this morning the phrase "functioning with a new reality" applies. My brain doesn't understand or accept that my back is trying to tell it to Stop! Stop expecting me to function as usual!

I think widows understand how that works when comparing their life experience B.C (I call that Before Crisis) to their life now---A.D. (which I respectfully call After Death). We've never been down this road before and have no idea what to expect, and no idea what our strengths amount to. How much can we handle? Functioning "as usual" isn't going to cut it this time. Normal isn't normal anymore.

So as my body illustrates---sometimes we don't know how much we can handle until we've exceeded our limits. Apparently I've exceeded the limits of the poor posture my spine will endure. For now it must rest and recover. I've got to quit pushing or suffer even more dire consequences.

How about you? Do you need to quit pushing? To rest and recover? I know it's complicated and nearly impossible, but some of us need to consider it mandatory. For me, recovery means staying off the computer for a week or so. I can do quick things like book orders and Lifeboat requests, but my daily blog posts and Facebook time need to halt for now.

Please consider signing up to receive this blog in your email. That way you'll know when I'm back online without having to revisit here to see if there are new posts. Don't hesitate to email me either, but allow for a day or two for me to reply.

And please pray for me. I'm really looking forward to the widows retreat in November, and I hope you'll be able to join me there! If so, be sure to contact me because I want to make it a point to meet you in person. (click here for more info and registration). Until then, I will treasure your prayers for me, and I sure will be praying for you. Functioning with the "new normal" is a huge adjustment---whether it's dealing with health issues or widowhood---and we both have a lot of changes and challenges to overcome. Having been through widowhood already, I know that the Lord can pull me through anything. I'm counting on Him to guide me once again in this new and very different reality of my life.

Rest and recover my friends, ferree


  1. Thanks for your are a lifeline to me and many others...proof that God helps one through this unwanted journey. I'm sorry you aren't feeling healthy yet but your attitude is awesome. God bless you! Praying.

  2. Prayers for you, Ferree. Follow doctor's orders and rest!

  3. 'Functioning with a new reality'. Boy if that isn't the truth. Some days I function better than others.

    Rest and be well dear Ferree ~ Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Thank you Patricia and Sharon, you both are an encouragement to me! <3

  5. Sorry about your back Ferree, do make sure you rest and I will keep you in my prayers


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