Thursday, September 25, 2014

Widows Blog Hop - September 2014

Did someone say Hop?
A lot of love and commitment goes into the creation of blogs, and they're all free and for the benefit of others. So I hope you'll begin to visit the blogs on my blog list (see column on right), and I hope you'll enjoy my featuring recent posts from several of them in a monthly "blog hop." It'll be a great way to find other widows you have something in common with.

The four bloggers today range from a remarried widow who now ministers to widows and those who grieve, a school teacher raising a toddler, a homeschool mother of 5 adopted children, and an author and widow of three years with experience in caregiving.

If you can leave a comment, please do! Just say hello if nothing else or mention that you heard of their blog through me. All of us Bloggers love to hear from readers and visitors---that's our payback and blessing.

1. My friend Cindy Adams draws on the hope of heaven and what a comfort that provides in her blog A Widow's Pursuit. I recommend her book too: A Widows Pursuit--Finding out there's more to life than grief, available on her site. Widowed at age 34 with two little girls to raise, she has walked the walk!

2. For a peek at the life of a widow who's a full-time teacher and mom to a toddler with a fascinating history and courageous birth, visit Beauty for Ashes. Joannah rates her experience with a clothing stylist subscription service. I'd never heard of Stitch Fix, but I love the idea!

3. In Blessed... Ruth Ann, widowed after only 2 years and 10 days, talks about raising the 5 children she adopted after her husband passed. Be sure to read her "About" page. She writes,
"Life is what you make of it.. We have taken a whole lot of hurt and loss and brought it together to find joy in life. We show you the good things in our lives. I chose not to write about the big obstacles we face for the sake of my children's privacy. This blog is not a complete look at our lives but a snippet of the blessings that God has given us... "
4. Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Find out you're not alone! I doubt there's a widow who hasn't ever felt overwhelmed. My friend Kathy Bellows offers true help and encouragement from her experiences over three years of widowhood and times of care-taking before that. Be sure to read the comments too, and you'll see God's faithfulness flow. Visit with Kathy at Sorrow to Victory today. Her book, God Never Fails has been a wonderful encouragement to many and can be ordered right on her site.


  1. Well, I thank you, Ruth Ann! Your blog and life is very inspirational and I hope a lot of people will visit.


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