Saturday, August 30, 2014

Looking Ahead to September

Let's take a look at the calendar for September. Does it hold some significant days for you like a wedding anniversary or loved one's birthday? What about your own birthday? Will you make your cake this year?

Or how about the change of season? Often, almost subconsiously, that will play into our feelings. Certain smells like burning leaves recall dim pictures to our mind and poignant yearnings to our heart. Autumn especially speaks to me. Perhaps its because I'm in that season of my own life.

by Ferree Hardy
Dry, brittle leaves crumble in my fingers
Like pages from a diary
a hundred years ago
smelling of spent sunshine
Others fold golden curls
Over slugs and molds
And work decay through winter
Unseen, unheard, unhindered
Yellow jackets buzz
Summoned by sticky sap
Unaware of days to come
Their wings brush my skin

All these days will "fall" upon us, but rather than have them take us by surprise, be aware. If you want to treat them like just another day, that's a valid option. If you want to open your senses and hold them closedo something special, give it some consideration. The thing is, you have a choice. Exercising that choice is a step towards life.

This September as you begin to see your garden fade, be mindful of the harvest too. Take hope and remember that God truly does work things together for our good ... even you. If you've already believed in Christ as your Savior from sin, begin to spend time in the Bible and learn to know Him as your Savior of the harvest: each memory, each breath, each tear... they all matter.


  1. On Sept. 8th, it will be our 45th wedding anniversary. We had 43 years together before my husband went to his heavenly home. I still want to celebrate and am planning to fix a nice dinner just like I always did for special occasions. I will raise my glass of wine in thanksgiving to God for the 43 years we had together. Years of living, loving, growing, ups and downs, encouragement, forgiveness, laughter and tears.

    Besides a nice dinner, I bought three baby old garden roses to celebrate. I love roses, and to me, growing them is so much more rewarding than buying a dying bouquet. I told that to my husband many, many years ago, and I have lots of flowers growing here on my little 1/4 acre. My dear husband thought of the name 'FlowerLady' for my online name (because of my love for flowers), when I got into the online community 15 years ago. My flowers and foliage are a joy to me, even with all of the work. I feel and see God's love all around me. These days it is all part of the healing of my broken heart.

    As a little girl I prayed that God would send me someone to love and someone who would love me. God answered my prayer and I am forever thankful. One day we will be reunited, until then I wish to live joyfully and thankfully, with God as my strength. There will be times of tears as memories come to mind, and love fills my heart. But the joy and peace of knowing my husband is with Jesus already and waiting there for me, is priceless and gives me hope with each new day.

    It's almost 21 months since my husband's leaving and I've gone through changes as we all do on this journey. Each day is a gift from God. He works all things out for our good and His honor and glory.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all of you wherever you are at this time. God is with you, He will never leave or forsake you. You are precious to Him.

    'FlowerLady' Lorraine

  2. October 7 is when I lost my husband of 42 years, three years ago.. He suffered greatly and was only 61, but God's timing is perfect. One day I'll see clearly. Autumn is my favorite time of year, I love to sit quietly on the deck and contemplate. I choose to do this, not everyday, but when I feel lonely. Surrounded by my 2 kids, their spouses, my 2 grandsons it still can be lonely.Thank you for the reminder that I need to be in the Word more. I love to be grateful I prayer and count my blessings as well. I think about how Mark would enjoy the babies, and then I squeeze those little guys for him!

  3. Dear Carol ~ May you continue to feel the love, peace and strength of Jesus surrounding you and flowing through you at all times.


  4. September follows a month of family birthdays and a sibling's wedding anniversary. It also reminds me of when I helped my sons get ready during their school days, years ago. Now, I welcome this month to simply enjoy these change-of-season days as they come and claim them for me as a gift from above.

  5. I love reading your beautiful stories, and consider it an honor that you'd share them here because I respect each one of you and am awed at the glory of the Lord in your lives. You've helped set a wonderful tone for the days to come---the gifts to come. Love to you all.

  6. Spring and Fall were Tom's favorite time of year as well as mine. We would always drive to the mountains (Pigeon Forge, TN) and bask in the rainbow of colors of God's perfect canvas.
    God's pallet is always perfect. God's creation is so breath taking, I can only imagine what heaven must be - "it will be perfect"


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