Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Fun Stuff: Fellowship!

"You met on the Internet?" I remember my dad screeching when I first told him about meeting my husband Tom in my second year of widowhood. But that was-- goodness! 13 years ago! --it's more common today, and now I get to meet some of my widow Internet friends too.

Recently, Myra and Jan came for the weekend! I have two guestrooms so there was one for each of them. We had such a great time---morning coffee out on the porch, listening to the birds in the woods that surround my house, watching the hummingbirds at the feeder, antiquing all afternoon ... Jan's goal for the weekend was to walk, eat, and talk and we accomplished it! Plus wonderful worship and Bible teaching at church on Sunday morning.

Today Teri is coming over! I love having visitors! Plus she's going to help me figure out what to do for a window treatment in my kitchen. I've gotten some estimates, but I'm not willing to part with $600 for it! I met Teri for lunch last week and found out she's had her own cottage business of fabric and upholstery services--- see, this is part of what women can do for each other! She's got the know-how and I've got the sewing machine.

We need each other. One person can't do it all. Aren't God's ways good-- that He put us in churches and fellowships so we could meet each other's needs? 


Myra, Me and Jan

Me and Teri

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  1. Wonderful way to spend some summer days, Ferree, with good food, good conversations, and great companions.


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