Thursday, May 15, 2014

Widows Need to Drink! (More Water!)

I came across this post from almost 2 years ago when I moved to from Ohio to South Carolina. I thought I'd share it with you--and myself-- again today because it's a good resource and reminder for re-organizing our lives. Whenever a major change takes place in life, I don't care what sort of super woman you are, your feet get knocked out from under you and its time to regroup, reorganize and rebuild. I'm still trying to rebuild too! The first step is most basic---properly fuel and energize your body! I hope you'll pour yourself a tall glass of ice water and enjoy this post along with me today. 
I've been in South Carolina exactly 8 days now. As I settle into a new chapter of life, I want to build in some good habits, so I thought maybe we could do this together. Many new widows are starting a new chapter of their lives, too.

A helpful website for organizing your life and staying on track is Fly Lady. The website looks very busy and complicated, but if you sign up you get one email a day and it's pretty simple and practical. It's not a Bible-based website, so I certainly don't follow everything she says, but I think it's a good place to pick and choose from.

This month Fly Lady (which stands for Finally Loving Yourself), has some helpful tips for drinking more water. This is a really important habit for widows! The weeping and the stress are physically draining so water is essential. Plus, a lot of times we misread our appetite. We're not really hungry-- we're thirsty-- but we reach for a donut, a bag of chips, or my favorite--an ice-cold Coke, instead of that more refreshing glass of water.

So check out this website for good tips on drinking more water. I caught your attention with that title, didn't I? :) Beware of the clever sales pitches---I've got to tell you I was ready to order 3 or 4 of her nifty water bottles! But start drinking more water first, and if that works for you, reward yourself with a water bottle in a couple weeks.

Click this line for the most direct path to building a better water drinking habit:


  1. I understand your reasoning about drinking more water before getting a cool looking bottle buut if you have a really cool, joyful looking water bottle, then maybe you will drink more. I bought a 24 oz Contingo water bottle in hot pink and I find myself drinking 2 - 3 bottles a day. My throat needs plenty of water working in a high volume call center.

  2. Good point Michele! :) For example, I'd rather drink from a crystal clear (glass) glass than a plastic one. It really does make a difference!


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