Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Fun... Silly Cats...

If cats could talk...

My day started with breaking up a cat fight in my backyard---
First I heard the snarls, and then I saw my old Elmer cat laying
at the feet of a young tom that's been coming around!
I hadn't even had a cup of coffee yet but I moved pretty fast!
If only we could make all our struggles go away with a simple
holler and a hand clap!
(Elmer is fine, by the way).

May today find you free of cat fights!

The Lord is faithful and He will come through and make
a way as many widows discover through fellowship and
encouragement with one another. Be a friend this weekend
and pass this silly video along to a pet lover,
or share your funny pet story in a comment here today.
It's ok and even healthy to share some smiles in the midst of grief.


  1. Thanks for the Friday chuckle, Ferree! Very cute:-)

  2. My Isabelle is a totally indoor kitty. She enjoys sitting at the window watching the birds, especially in the spring and summer when the windows are open. One day she seemed unusually excited by what she was seeing - pacing and making little noises. Curious, I looked in her direction and there on the deck rail was a small hawk - poor Isabelle - what must she have been thinking about the size of that "bird"!

  3. Wow..that other cat really lucked out.....imagine if you already had your coffee? :)


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