Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Recognizing Your Boaz (chapter 19)

Read Ruth 3: 10-18

If you fall in love with a man like Boaz, you will be a fortunate and beloved woman.

We’ve already seen many good qualities in Boaz. He was a good employer, cheerful, caring, and respected in the community.

When he and Ruth were on the brink of a marriage contract, we saw him up close and personal with Ruth. He exemplified all the qualities of a good husband in the way he treated her.

Here are other characteristics I discovered about Boaz:
  • He put God first
  • He appreciated and understood Ruth's actions and character
  • He was sensitive to her possible fears
  • He didn't make a promise if he wasn't sure he could keep it
  • He was concerned for Ruth's safety and reputation
  • He was generous and polite
  • He accepted Ruth's strength
  • He didn't procrastinate!
  • He was financially secure
Which characteristics of Boaz are most important to you?
What other qualities would you appreciate in a new husband?
What are some qualities your children would need or appreciate in a stepfather?

Maybe you won’t get married again. Of course you’ve known that all along, but then again, maybe you will. There’s no harm in being able to recognize your own Boaz when he enters the picture.


Dear Lord,
You are able to do immeasurably more than all I can ask or imagine, and asking for a man like Boaz falls into that category! Please work according to your power that works within me. Transform me to accept the work you are doing in my life through the cast of characters like Naomi, Laura, and Boaz who may already be around me.

(excerpts from Postcards From The Widows Path, pages 178-183)


  1. Thank you, Ferree. When we look at Boaz's qualities, we are reminded of those same characteristics our late husbands had. We need to also be reminded that God can give that to us again.

  2. I saw a movie once titled "Twice Given" It was the true story about a Pastor who lost his first wife to cancer and his grief was very painful. And totally unexpectedly he fell in love for the second time with a Christian lady with lovely Christlike attributes. He was so elated that God could once again give him a lady of grace. He praised God for the loves of his life, he said he had been (Twice Given). God does promise his children he can do above and beyond that which we exceedingly hope or think. ~

  3. "Twice Given"---I like that, and Susan, what a good reminder of our late husband, but also that it's entirely possible for the Lord to bring another equally wonderful spouse again. It's interesting how both the comments sort of dovetail. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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