Saturday, October 5, 2013


Have you said the words "I can't . . . " this week?
Do you feel that you can't go on,
can't take one more moment of this grief?
I know.
Widowhood is one of the biggest challenges anyone will face in life.
But step by step,
whether forward or backward,
whether moving your own feet
or collapsing on a figurative stretcher and
having friends carry you to Jesus like in
the Bible stories,
eventually you'll be on the other side of this pain.
Life will not be
how you expected;
it'll be different,
but different does not mean doomed.
Some day the view from the mountaintop
of God's strength and provision in your life
will be nothing short of glorious!
Rest in His hope this weekend. ferree


  1. I really needed this boost this morning, Ferree! I am about to paint the living room--Saturdays were a family "work day" at our home and without my husband, I was having trouble getting motivated for the task ahead, but am so thankful to find the needed words "just at the right time" -- I (the Lord and I together) can do this!! Thankful today:)

  2. I bought a can of paint this morning to change the color of my very red bathroom. I have a feeling I'll need to remind myself of what to do when I say "I can't." Painting's not one of my favorite things. Take it little by little, dear anonymous. I've seen some widows truly transform their surroundings with a can of paint, and once I met a lady who painted her whole house! She was married, even! Her husband didn't want to do it, so she did! I'd love to hear how your painting goes. Be sure to take some before and after pictures :)


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