Saturday, September 28, 2013

Re-run Please

For those of you who receive my blog posts by email, it appears that yesterday's video was not included. Most of the time they are, but there's no way for me to know beforehand.

It's such an inspiring video that I hope you'll visit the blog today. I'm sure you'll be encouraged with the message of who you are in Christ and how God view your identity. Widowhood is often a time of discovering who we are all over again. The years of being married forged a union that made us "one" with our spouse, Genesis 2:24--they will become one flesh. So when death separates that union, we not only experience the loss of our mate, but also the question of now who am I?

Widowhood is a time to re-discover who we are in God's sight. You are still here for a good purpose; He will continue a good work in you, (Philippians 1:6), and this video will open your eyes to a bit of the potential God see in you. Click here for yesterday's post where you may view it. For email readers---if the link doesn't appear in this email post, click on today's title, Re-run Please, and it'll take you to this blog.
Autumn in Wisconsin by my brother, Steve Hastings

Rest in God this weekend, and may His peace guard your path.   


  1. I joined a griefshare group and am so blessed that a widower graciously volunteered to help with this particular group. Although sharing his experience was painful, it was so very helpful to me. For the first time in nearly 6 months someone understood exactly what I was going through, what I was feeling. He is the same age, late 40's and everything I am dealing with he assured me that it is everything he went through himself. It has actually made me realize that although my husband was taken at 47, he did get to experience his daughter graduate college, his son become an Eagle Scout. Things that this widower's wife never did as their children were 14, 16, 18 at the time.

    I would strongly recommend griefshare.


  2. That's wonderful, Judy. I facilitated a GriefShare group when we lived in Ohio and its amazing to experience how God has equipped us to meet one another's needs and provide comfort. Thanks so much for your testimony. For anyone wondering about GriefShare, just visit to find a group near you.


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