Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God's Presence Felt Behind the Scenes in Prescott, AZ

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Kathy Beard, author and widow in Prescott, AZ where 19 firefighters recently died, gives us a poignant glimpse of God's presence in her community during the days before and after the tragedy which left ten wives widowed.

"It has been a difficult summer. Two fires in our community, the last of which snatched nineteen of our beloved hometown Hotshot firemen out of our lives, have changed the landscape of our community and the landscape of our hearts . There are so many stories surrounding this event that it would be pages to recount them all.

As news spread from fire department to fire department around the State, then around the nation, and then to various parts of the world, it was becoming profoundly evident that something much bigger than we knew was being orchestrated by God as it seemed to be taking on nuances and undercurrents of miracles. Stories trickled in of dreams, of Angelic appearances, of salvations and of a knitting together of lives in ways that are intricately and forever intertwined..." please click here for the rest of the story. (Scroll down to the second paragraph after the quotes.) 

Please continue to pray for the community of Prescott, the firefighters, the churches, the civic leaders, and the new widows and their young children. If you've been widowed too, your prayers will be very effective because you'll know what to ask God to provide for these families and the city of Prescott. Thanks and may God bless you.  
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  1. There are no mistakes in the eternal realm of God. Those are very comforting words. I pray that everyone in the Prescott community can find the peace of mind and comfort that only God can provide. Continued prayers for these ladies who have been thrown into this wilderness called widowhood.


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