Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1000 Widows

Last Wednesday over 100 people from this blog clicked the link to a free DVD series One Widow to Another: The Connection That Counts from my friend Miriam Neff's Widow Connection ministry!

owtaJnDvd1It was a thrill to call Miriam yesterday and pray with her over the phone as she prepares the shipments over this next week. We asked the Lord to benefit not only the 100 widows who will receive it, but also that they'll share it with their friends, support groups, churches, libraries, counsellors and book clubs. Will you also pray with us that 1000 widows will benefit?

If you ordered the One Widow to Another DVD series, would you please keep me posted on the journey it takes with you? Simply select a multiple choice answer below and comment or email me whenever you've decided. Be it days, weeks or months from now I'd love to hear from you.

How do you plan to use the series?
1) Watch it myself and put it on a shelf to collect dust afterwards
2) Watch it myself and pass it along to another widow
3) Have a small group of widows over to my home to view it with me
4) Enjoy #3 so much that I invite a few more groups of widowed friends over
5) Watch it myself and then donate it to a church library, womens' ministry leader, pastor, chaplain or grief counsellors I know who will use it.

I'm very excited to think about how God might use this one gift in the hands of one widow! Will the good news of God's faithful love and merciful purposes for widows spread from 100 widows to 1000? Please pray with me to that end! 


  1. I am giving it to my Christian counselor who teaches a grief counseling class at Trevecca Nazarene College in Nashville, TN. She is always looking for good resources. Along with it will go both of Miriam's books and your book, Ferree.

  2. That's awesome, Candy! That's possibly multiplying it to hundreds! Thanks for sending her our books too!

  3. I not sure yet, but I definitely won't keep it to myself. It will be used to help others in some way......I'll see how God leads me to do that. Thank you again for this generous offer.

  4. I plan to use it in the new widow's life group I am starting at my church. I will then give it to the church to use in the future. Ramona

  5. I'll be using it for a group I facilitate at my church...and to help others not attending the group in the journey they are on. It's so good to know you aren't alone.

  6. @Joan, Ramona and Linda---God bless you all! I'm so thrilled to hear your plans!


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