Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Page Of Life

On Tuesdays we focus on re-telling our story. In the early days of grief many widows find what has happened such a shock that they need to hear themselves tell it over and over again. Also, it's human nature to desire to remember the past. So today I'd like to give you a little tool that will both help you tell your story and remember what life was like. This "tool" is a page from my book, Postcards from the Widows Path.
In the book, each chapter ends with a journaling exercise. The page I've copied here for you is from chapter one, and gives you a way to prompt memory, get your bearings and mark this time in your life. Copy and print it, fill it out. And then, six months from now take a look at it to see what sort of changes and improvements God has brought to you, OK?
Here's from the book...
Please let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I’m sorry you’ve been knocked through grief’s doorway to this marathon of sorrow.
And then let me say how glad I am that you’ve found this guide. As I introduce you to Naomi, full of despair, and Ruth, full of determination, you’ll discover worthy role models and teammates. Their examples will not only point out the dangerous valleys and blind canyons of grief, but also the profound beauty and breathtaking meaning of eternity.
We’re running a race! No, it’s not by choice, but nevertheless we must run. Let this page mark the starting point of what will become your extraordinary path to hope and purpose.
Fill in the blanks for your own imaginary postcard, addressed to yourself, your loved one, or to God.
Dear ________,

I’m pretty ordinary, like Naomi.

Here’s what my life was like before my loss:

I lived in ____________.

My family members were__________________________________.

Some of my friends were________________________________.

My occupation was_____________________________.

I went to church at_______________________.

People described me as__________________________________.

The best way to describe my race is that I (circle one of the following words)

Run       Walk       Limp       Stagger       Crawl

I have no idea what the future will bring.



Don't forget to read your answers in six months from now to see how life has changed. If you'd like, you can email them to me, and I'll email them back to you around November 13! WCplace@gmail.com


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  1. Despair and determination. My despair is not as great as it was in the beginning, it's just a few days after the 5 month mark, but my determination to lean on Jesus is greater than ever.

    Life goes on in spite of our great loss and with God we can do all things and with Him all things are possible.

    Your book was a help to me, and I should read it again to glean more insights now that I am a little further along in this journey of widowhood.



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