Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Other Half of Me

Have you tried telling your story with poetry? This was written by a Lifeboat friend from New Zealand, on August 18, 2012, six months on in her widowhood. I'm so glad she shared it with us. I think many of you will relate to the "missing part" feelings of a widow. Poetry captures images and emotions and this one captures some godly truth too.

The Other Half of Me
by Gail Alderson

You were the salt and I the pepper
You were the hero and I the sidekick
We were each others helpmate, complementing the other
We... made a unit from two separate parts.

It took me too long to realize
I wish we could go back and start all over
But you are gone, and I am here alone
Searching for the missing part of me
Looking for the sense of belonging
Wondering if I will ever find an oasis of security.

Maybe you were here to show me
That security is not in man alone
It was just a mirror, a pale reflection
Of a greater Reality.

And the Lord comes to me,
Beckoning me to follow
He draws near and calls me
To become the other part of Him.

© 2012 by Gail Alderson


  1. That was beautiful and sounds like it came right from my own heart.

    Does Gail have a blog or website?


  2. Love it! Absolute perfect word pictures!

  3. Hi Lorraine, I don't think Gail has a blog. She lives in New Zealand so she's probably sleeping right now (Isn't it amazing how we can connect around the world?!) If I find out she does have a blog or website I'll let everyone know. Thanks for commenting (you too, Candy) I'm sure it'll mean a lot to Gail.

  4. Oh yes......and the Lord beckons.....

  5. Beckons . . . yes He does. Like a poem. Love to you, Sparrow.

  6. Thank you, Gail, for sharing your heart and what many of us feel! Blessings!


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