Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The April Widowed Blog Hop Hoppers

Finding a comment from a
reader is better than
finding a carrot!
Join the Blog Hop for April. "Hop" around to these blogs and find some new friends from all sorts of backgrounds who "get it."

Samantha of the Crazy Courage blog (originator and contact person for this blog hop. Let her know if you'd like to participate some time)
Samantha of the Crazy Courage blog
Janine of One Breath At A Time
Red’s The M3 Blog
Christine of Widow Island
Running Forward: Abel Keogh’s Blog
Tamara of Artful Living After Loss
Jessica at Buttons to Beans
Missing Bobby: A Widow’s Journey
The Grief Toolbox
Ferree of Widow’s Christian Place
The Widow’s Mite: Encouragement for Widows