Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Judy's Story---An Unforgettable Role Model

My friend Judy on Lifeboat2 shared this last week and I just had to pass it along.

I'm 14 months out on my widow journey---just a baby myself. Sometimes it feels like last week and sometimes like a very long time ago. This journey isn't for the weak...we are women
hear us roar!

I have a touching day a week I volunteer as a chaplain assistant at an area hospital. I can go anywhere in the hospital so I never know what I'll encounter.
I pray before I leave my home, asking for God to take me along with Him...

Well, I entered the room of this darling, 85 yr. old woman and asked if I could sit down.

She said, "Of course," and then I commented on all her beautiful flowers. She had like 4 different arrangements so I knew she wasn't alone in her hospital stay...

She proceeded to tell me the flowers were from her kids and her sister, and she told me all about them. Then she told me she wasn't doing very good. She'd been admitted in the hospital for pneumonia but the fluid testing showed she had lung cancer. She had just 10 minutes ago found this out. And here I was, the first person she's telling. She had an MRI scheduled that afternoon to see if cancer had spread.

I asked about a husband and she said she was a widow of 29 years...she shed some tears, and proceeded with me about how to tell her she thought they would handle it...

Anyway I was sitting there thinking oh boy--- as a widow---  talk about making difficult decisions on your own...

We talked for quite awhile and I shared I was a widow also...
Her phone rang. I got it for her and put my chair back to leave her room, when-- (this was precious) --in middle of all her own horrible stuff she pointed her finger at me. She said, "As a widow you'll make it---but you have a long way to go and a lot to learn."

I love people who tell it like it is...and I was very emotionally touched she took the time away from her health crises to encourage me. Amen!...I want to grow up and be like that!  


  1. This is a wonderful story of how God can use us a widows for His purposes.

  2. I just love this! ♥

    Judy, thank you for sharing this precious story and for passing on this woman's encouraging words.

  3. My devotion yesterday said" God is a Father of the helpless" How absolutely comforting and solacing and re-assuring is that.

    I've always heard all my life "God helps those who helps them-selves"
    Yep - self must always be in the picture. But the real truth is this ~ ~ ~
    "God is the Father of the helpless,in him the fatherless find mercy. (Hosea 14:3) the widow, the outcast, the orphan, the rejected, the ridiculed, the despised, those mis-undersood"
    and ~ ~ the beauty is this ~ ~

    "God Helps those who can't help
    themeselves " The more needy and helpless I am the more confidently I yeild and appeal to God's loving heart.

    prayer for widows who feel so alone and helpless ~

    "Heavenly Father no other refuge do I have, my helpless, lonely soul hangs and leans only upon you, please never leave me and hold me up by your loving support and sustain me by your loving comfort" What such wonderful comfort 'you are the Father of the helpless" ____ In Christ - amen


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