Thursday, April 18, 2013

31 Days of WHATTTT????

31 Days of Praise, by Ruth Myers
I know, "Praise?" Why would we praise God while mourning? Let me assure you Ruth Myers knows what she's praising about: she was widowed, too. These praise prayers are gentle, sacrificial expressions of worship for times when we have no words.
Her first husband suffered intensely from cancer and died at age 32, leaving her with two young children to raise. It wasn't until eight years later she married Warren. They've been missionaries and in ministry with Navigators ever since. I think you'll love the honesty and freshness of their praise!

31 Days . . . helps cultivate grateful hearts and a lifestyle of praise. Divided into a couple sections, the book instructs in how to praise God, plus why to, and provides foundational truth about a person's relationship with God.
But the best part is the section marked Day1 - Day 31. Each day provides 2 - 3 paragraphs of praise that you can read aloud or silently as your own prayer to God--good stuff when grief clouds your mind and it's too hard to pray. 31 Days . . . gives you the words to pray when the pain is so deep you have no words.

God understands, He feels our pain, yet He is good; His loving kindness covers us everyday and He is worthy of our praise even from the depths of dark pain.


  1. This book sounds wonderful. I may check into buying it.

  2. It is wonderful, Sharon. And praising God in the midst of trials is a little miracle that grows tremendous opportunities. God is so faithful to His promises. <3

  3. This does sound like a wonderful book to read..

    Thank you for including the link. :)

    I was reading through the inspirational reviews. It seems like this book has reached out to many.



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