Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Watch Out for Wolves!

Did someone say 'Wolf?'
Tweeting on Twitter, blogging a blog, posting on Facebook and the array of other social media works therapuetic wonders for widows as they "tell their story" and discover networks of new friend who "get it."

BUT dangers lurk in the delights, thorns are in the roses, and wolves are in the sheep pen!

Read this great alert before proceeding any further!
Digital Sheep Get Slaughtered–Being Safe On Social Media

Did you know those cutesy little angel emails---the ones that threaten something bad will happen if you don't send it to at least 5 jillion people in the next 5 minutes---those are often used by scammers to collect email address!!!!

Read it quick! It also talks about games and apps on Facebook. Beware!


1 comment:

  1. This is exactly why I don't play games or use apps on Facebook. And, if I see something advertised on the right side that's interesting, I'll go directly to the site, not via a click on the Facebook ad. Thanks for posting this!


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