Monday, February 18, 2013

God Sets Our Days

      In the summer before Bruce died, on calm, warm evenings we'd walk every now and then down Riverside Drive, the street our house was cornered on. I was burned out and was quitting my job at the insurance agency I worked at, so Bruce and I naturally discussed the future and the next step.

     We were not ones given much to impressions or intuitions, but this time we both strongly felt that the next step to take was to get the house ready.

     Neither one of us knew what that meant--get the house ready--but we knew that was the next thing we needed to do.

     I felt a stab of fear at the thought: being married to a pastor, I wondered if we would be called to another church. I loved where we were at: the kids were in good schools, we had recently purchased the house, we loved our church. But there were no offers for a new pastorate; nor was Bruce looking for any. We were settled and content. Get the house ready didn't seem very timely.

     Months later, in January, get the house ready began to take on some meaning. Bruce heard about an interior decorator we could hire for only $20/hour. I met with her and found a color scheme, curtain ideas, wallpapers and paint. I scheduled the decorator to meet with a carpenter at my house on my birthday so they could discuss some projects she suggested.

     And then Bruce died the night before my birthday.
      I hadn't thought to call and cancel the decorator and carpenter, so they showed up to a house of mourning. They must have thought I was nuts when I opened the door, explained what had happened, and asked them to come in to do what they needed to do in spite of everything.
      And that's what they did. They met together in one room, while I cried in another. In the weeks to come, my house was stripped of its old paisly beige wallpaper, ripped bare and scraped like my soul.
As it slowly got put back together---as the walls were smoothed and freshly painted with warm earthtones and windows were framed with tailored curtains and draperies, the transformation was a comfort and encouragement. A metaphor materialized before my very eyes--God was redecorating me, too.
      In II Kings 20:1, the Lord said to King Hezekiah, "Set your house in order . . ." I read those words the other day and have been haunted by how similar they were to get the house ready.
      We didn't ever realize Bruce was about to die, but God did. He told us what we needed to know. No more, no less. Step by step God was leading and showing the way.
      Do you have some redecorating happening in your life today?


  1. Thank You Ferree for sharing this
    about making our plans and then they suddenly get interrupted, no questions asked. Our minds, our spirits, our bodies go into total shock, having not enough sense to put one foot in front of the other.

    I recently saw on a billboard sign on the interstate this reading>

    "Tell me your plans for
    today and I will just smile"
    Signed God.

    If there is one thing God is teaching me. . . . is . . . to the child of God there are no accidents and when we make plans no matter how careful or how prayerful, how large or simple..our Father can and does rearrange them and he doesn't even ask our permission. (bummer)

    God re-arranges and exchanges our plans for his .. . for he says

    "I know the PLANS I have for you"

    {his plans messes up my
    personal agenda}

    Dr. Adrian Rogers died suddenly of cancer and his widow Joyce has written a book. One of my favorite quotes of hers is this "when you don't know what to do, just do the next thing" and another Christian lady said this:

    "when you don't know what to do, just do what you do know what to do"
    I just recently read this poem online and it ministered to me so much.

    "I know the PLANS I have for you
    of glorious things to come~
    Come abide in my presence and enjoy each and every one.

    I offer blessings of comfort, blessings of love,
    Blessings of friendshp so very true
    I have some PLANS of wonderful things, that I have reserved & Planned just for you.

    I hear your prayers, I see your tears and share in your broken dreams and shattered heart,
    Always remember that I your creator
    we are never far apart.

    My CHILD my plans for you is: for your faith to grow in me each and everyday and when you cannot see... just trust in me to lead your way.

    Trust in me my child with all your heart and try not to always understand, For I your Heavenly Father who is all knowing & wise has a will for you and a Divine PLAN.

    In his heart the mind of man makes his plans, but it is God who directs and determines his steps.____ Proverbs 16:9

    we plan but God directs.

    God Bless
    dodi - SC

  2. Thank you Dodi for blessing us all with this. God is never surprised, and we can trust him when we are.

  3. Thanks to Ferree and Dodi. I did not know what to do but now I know exactly what to do. Ferree you talk about redecorating the house and this has made me to think deeply. My husband passed on on 21 January 2013, and we were building our first house. The house is stil under construction and I have to finish it alone. I think this is a way of God to tell me to build my trust on him and i have to do that alone. I trust God i will be able to build my house and at the same time build my trust. Thanks so much ladies, it really helps to read what you post. may God richly bless you.

  4. Dear tebo, In God's hands there are no such things as coincidences. Gain some additional counsel---God will verify and confirm the steps you need to take. And then remember to take them one. step. at. a. time. Please keep me posted with your ventures, and may God bless your efforts.

  5. Thanks Ferree, since my husband passed on i had no courage to go to church and face other people. I will be going back this Sunday no matter what. I will actively partcipate in all activities.


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