Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book Sale!

February is a life changing month for me and I hope you'll help me change other lives this month by sharing my book, Postcards from the Widows' Path with your church, pastor, women's ministry leaders and other widows!

"I received your book yesterday, and I couldn’t stop reading it until I was done."-Connie-  To do so, I'm giving Postcards from the Widows' Path at the lowest price of $11.99 for any quantity ordered the rest of this month. Hurry, because this price and all the free stuff will not exist if you wait until March.
Plus, you'll receive the following:
  • a free "In Memory of" bookplate in case you'd like to donate your copy to your church or public library.
  • a free book club discussion guide to help gather a small group of widows together for life-changing times and rich friendships. By request only.
  • a free introductory packet to give to your church secretary, ministry leader, or pastor to let them know about the WCP and what a blessing it can be to them too!
  • a free postcard
  •  free business cards to share with other widows, funeral homes, and anyone interested in offering Christian help to widows  
But why do I want every widow to have a copy? Click here to see the many benefits, what other widows are saying about it, and a physical description.

Click the Buy Now button below to order through Paypal. Email me at WCplace@gmail.com if you prefer to pay by check.
If you need more than 10 copies, or if you live outside the USA, please email me before you order so I can let you know the shipping charges. WCplace@gmail.com
When I think of the Februarys in my life . . .
  • Widows Christian Place celebrates THREE YEARS of online service!
  • I was born in February, as you'll realize if you see the blog this Saturday
  • We honor the memory of Bruce on Friday
  • Tom and I praise the Lord for bringing us together and recall our engagement on a February 17th afternoon when Tom's proposed to me in front of all my kids and I broke down in an uncontrollable crying jag of happiness, relief, slop and snot! lol
  • And just last February was when Tom lost his job in Ohio the very same day we felt God leading us to self-publish Postcards from the Widows' Path!
  • I don't know if I can take too many more Februarys!
I just have to celebrate! Thank you for joining me!


  1. Three Years - Congratulations!!

    Your commitment to reaching out to other widows is truly amazing. I am so glad that God called you into this ministry.

    You have been a blessing to all widows who have been guided by God to find your blog, your groups, and your book to help guide them through this unknown and many times frightening journey.

    Thank you for offering your book at a discount and putting in all the free stuff to offer even more support to others.

    ~Cathy <3

    p.s. didn't you see the IOU about the chocolate. :)

  2. Thanks Cathy, you're an encouragement to ME! Maybe next time I should add free chocolate with the book, lol.

  3. It's not to late! ;)

  4. Thanks for this sale, Ferree! I just ordered 2!

  5. Thank you,Ferree, for allowing God to use you in this wonderful ministry to widows. I am thinking your February is an example of life with both its joys and deep sorrows, and yet God is with us through it all working out His awesome plan!

  6. Yes, Sharon, you are so right. February is an example of life in all its ups and downs. How wonderful to know that God is with us. I love each of those words. God. is. with. me. Amazing grace is more than a song, its my reality.


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