Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reframe Our Perspective

This is the year to change GO-ing through grief to GROW-ing through grief by following this blog and implementing R Roadmap.

This year, each day of the week will help you locate where you are in your grief journey and pinpoint a helpful step you can take.

I've already summarized Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.
Mondays: READ, listen, watch and learn about grief.
Tuesdays: RETELL your own story.
Wednesdays: Find a ROLEMODEL.

We'll use Thursdays to REFRAME our perspective.

So many struggles begin in the mind and attitude, affecting our choices. God's truth is what can set us free and help us find joy. These posts will help us see God's way of looking at life. This is an up and down part of the path as our emotions vs. faith can be such a roller-coaster but making the right choices in our thinking is a great help. If we continually re-allign our focus to God's truth it will get easier.

Tomorrow I'll give you a quick summary of what to expect for Fridays: REBUILD your life.
Until then, be sure to explore this blog and become familiar with its many resources and features.


  1. This is so first it seems like you're waiting in a long line just to get on the roller-coaster.

    Then once you are on; it's one the biggest and longest up and down roller-coaster rides that never seem to end.

    Right now..I feel like I am more on a kid's roller-coaster. The ups and downs are easier to ride out and the rides are shorter.

    God knows everyone has to go through this journey; but he wants everyone to know you don't have to go alone. You have someone sitting in the seat right beside you...

    Thanks Ferree!

    ~ Cathy

  2. LOVE your great insights on the roller coaster ride, Cathy! I think sometimes I must have been screaming so loud and holding my eyes shut so tight I didn't know Someone was sitting right next to me, but He sure was.


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