Friday, January 25, 2013

Financial Counsel for Widows

Let me state the obvious: Money is a common problem for widows. There's either too little or too much. In either case, wise counsel should be found and followed.

How can you find a good financial advisor? That's a daunting question for many people, widowed or not! But here is a link with some good advice from Crown Financial on the matter--Finding Financial Counsel
Crown Financial has a number of other articles and tools for budgeting. They offer training in financial counselling to churches and much more. They're simply the oldest and best Christian financial ministry I know.
Here is a link to a 20 page pdf file they've provided to serve widows--Widows Financial Guide. Print it out and read it through with a highlighter in hand for important points.
Peruse their website for answers to many more of your financial questions.
Once you do find a good financial advisor, as tempting as it is, don't drop everything in their lap. It's still your money, your life. Continue to:
  • Use these and other resources.
  • Call upon God, the wisest and greatest financial advisor of all!
  • Before you act on any financial advice, compare it to another's counsel. Make sure it lines up with God's wisdom.
  • Take your time.
  • Just say "No" to borrowers. You can soften the blow a bit by saying something like, "I need to be very careful with my finances right now and I'm just not ready to make any decisions at this time." You are not a cash cow. If you have a life insurance benefit, it was intended to last a very long time, perhaps the rest of your life. Your adult kids will always need money. The church will always need money. They are not your sole responsibility, no matter how guilt-ridden or special they make you feel. If you have a life insurance benefit of  hundred thousand, a quarter of a million, half a million, a million . . . it might look like a lot now, but you'll wish you still had it five years from now. Later on, when you're ready and you've been able to spend time asking God what to do about your finances, you'll be able to make wise and benevolent decisions about gifts and loans.   
Rebuilding your life---like any other venture, it's not easy; but seeking wise financial counsel will make it much easier and worthwhile.
The wise woman builds her house,
But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.
Proverbs 14:1(NASB)
By wisdom a house is built,
And by understanding it is established
Proverbs 24:3 (NASB)


    1. Thank you Ferree for this much needed info.
      A couple of weeks after Tom's passing I experienced a phone call from a bogus credit card company telling me Tom owed 12,000. plus on some bogus credit card.
      I responded and said "sir I pay all the bills and I have never heard or seen this claim"
      He then said " well you know husbands do things without always telling their wives and then brazenly asked me was their any life insurance"
      I said " well sir we didn't keep secrets from each other, especially one such as this, I then said..... this is a bogus call and do not call me again and slammed down the receiver" I was trembling, crying and so angry of preditors and leeches all around us.
      It seems everywhere you turn some one has their hands out for something.

      A couple of weeks ago at church we had an apologetic speaker to speak about defending the faith and at the close of the service the minister said " don't forget your tithes"
      I've never thought of myself as a miser or greedy and have always tried to give whenever or where ever there is a true need, but now since Tom has gone, I must be on my top guard as I do have an adult special needs daughter I provide for and I seek God's guidance and wisdom to please help me to make right decisions re: giving and not to be taken in.
      Everyday in my A.M. prayers I ALWAYS ask God to PLEASE guide me in making right decisions this day in all circumstances.

      I don't trust in my own heart, even it sometimes can deceive us.

      Thank You ______ dodi <><

    2. Yes, Dodi. I must agree. I always cringe at that saying "Just follow your heart," because Scripture does say our hearts are deceitful. Widowhood can be an emotional roller coaster so it's not a time to depend on feelings.
      The phone call you received was horrible, and I would have been terribly upset too. I'm so glad you clearly saw through it. There are wicked people out there who do try to prey on widows. There are some wonderful promises tho, of how the Lord will care for widows and He will, He has, and He will does care for you too. Love to you and your daughter, and may you be assured of God's blessing and watchcare.


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