Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Widowed Blog Hop!

Dear Reader, Do you blog? I've been blogging since 2006, and it's a fascinating hobby if you like meeting people from all over the world, laughing with them, crying with them, and sometimes getting to meet in person in a variety of ways. Also, you never know what you'll find in your email box or comment line. Your little inbox becomes a portal to many gifts and acts of kindness!
I received one of those gifts the other day: I heard from Samantha, a widow blogger I'd never met. Out of the blue she invited me to this "Blog Hop." Sounds fun, doesn't it? I was intrigued. You can join the "Blog Hop" too, as you read her directions and explanation that follow. Let me add this little disclaimer: The blogs she has listed are from a variety of people, and although the Widows Christian Place provides you with exclusively Christian resources, probably not all the blogs listed below fit that category. I haven't even visited them yet, so I really don't know what you'll find---it's part of the adventure and surprise.  So "hop around," leave comments, leave your own blog link, and get to know other widows out there in the blogosphere today.
Welcome to the brand new Widowed Blog Hop! A blog hop basically allows bloggers to add their blog to a list for visiting other blogs, following blogs you like, and gaining followers. We'd love you to join us!
We will host the Hop on the first Wednesday of each month. This will allow all of us the time to visit all of the links in the Hop. By visiting each of the links from participating bloggers, we will make new friends while furthering a dynamic and engaged community of widowed bloggers. Please encourage your other blogger friends to leave comments including their own links.
How to Participate:
1. Visit each of the links below – and read their post. Leave them a comment with encouragement, commiseration, community, or however else the post touches you.
2. In the comment section, leave a link to any related post, for example on the day-to-day issues you face, memories you have of your spouse, events you’ve attended, etc. These are things many of us discuss via our blogs anyway, so it likely won’t be out of your realm of experience.
Can I go on the blog hop?
3. It would really help us get the word out about the Widowed Blog Hop if you would tweet, share, and spread the word about the Hop!
Interested in being a host next month? Please email
You don't have to be a blogger to go on the blog hop, you don't even have to leave a comment (although for us bloggers, comments are our reward and the reason we keep going, so they're really nice to receive). Thanks for visiting the WCP today and I hope you enjoy hopping around to these other blogs too! ferree


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