Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's Talk---A Resource on Prayer

     Do you find it hard to trust God? Does it seem your prayers don't go any farther than the ceiling of your living room?    
     Author and blogger Cynthia Bezek's passion is to help people deepen their relationship with God through prayer. The last link on this page goes to an article she recently wrote for Conversations Journal. This opening paragraph I've copied here for you will tell why I consider her a great resource for widows.
     I met Cynthia two summers ago at Montrose Christian Writers Conference where she was teaching a writing workshop. Down-to-earth, totally normal and approachable are good words to describe her. And if I lived anywhere near Boulder, Colorado I'd love to attend her workshops on prayer! I also highly recommend her book Prayer Begins With Relationship.

     In the days following my husband’s death, I desperately sought God’s comfort in the Scriptures. After an eleven-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis and all the humiliation, fear, hardship, and losses that go with it, my faith was on the fragile side. I needed solace, the kind only God could give. So I went to the Psalms. Isn’t that where God’s children always find consolation?
     But . . .

click here for the rest of the article.

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