Thursday, September 6, 2012

Website for Younger Widows, Widowers & Homeschoolers

Are you a younger widow looking for information and how-to help for this leg of your journey? Here is a Christian website targeted specifically for young widows and widowers: Fellowship of Young Christian Widows & Widowers.

Here's a bit about the authors:
"The Lord led Chris and Grace together after several years of being widowed. They developed a deep love for each other and recognized that they could better serve the Lord together. They married and continue serving with the ministry of FOYCWW.
"It is our desire to offer encouragement to those
who are grieving the loss of their hopes and dreams
and a future with their spouse . God is true to His Word.
He promises to bring good from the things that look
hopeless in our eyes. It is our nature to want to learn
in the easiest way possible, but God in His wisdom chose
that each of us would sit in the front row, learning through
loss and grief."
Chris & Grace Basel
Romans 8:28 (NASB)
And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
This really is a fantastic site. The more I search it, the more impressed I am! There are lists for pastors and churches on how to help widows! (yay!) There's also good help for homeschoolers.
Visit today!

Fellowship of Young Christian Widows & Widowers


  1. 18 years ago, my husband was called into the presence of the Lord. We were married 32 years and I had 4 children. I was lost, hurting, losing faith and needed someone to understand what I was going through. I found FOYCWW and this site has helped me to restore my faith in God, express my feelings without shame, and strengthened me through my grief journey along the way. I was thinking back on that time and wondered if this site was still up and running and I am so glad it is. I wanted to stop by to let you know what a blessing this fellowship was to me during the most difficult and vulnerable time in my life. I saved the response from the moderators (2005) to me and another widow who was also married 32 years as well and we both were trying to cope with our first Wedding Anniversary 6 months after my husband's passing. This gave me hope and encouragement then and still today:

    Your husbands are gone now, but your love for them remains strong and true. No matter where the Lord takes you in the years ahead, you will take with you all the strength and wisdom your husbands gave you through your many years together. God used your husbands to prepare your hearts for where you are today. Draw from what they taught you to continue on. Remember this day in a way that will be meaningful to you.



  2. Dear Grateful, thank you for sharing your story of the help you received. It will bring hope to others, even into the weeks and months ahead. I appreciate all you've gone through. God is so faithful and good to all who seek him!


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