Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Good Side of Goodbye by Sunday Drive

Our husband's are on the good side of goodbye . . .
But widows often feel left on the sad side of goodbye.
Is there really a good side to this goodbye?

I pray the message of this song will infuse you with hope. There's life
after death for the widow, too. Rest in the Lord this weekend. Be still and let
Him show you there's hope.

Thank you to the Lifeboat friend who shared this song with me, and now with

I'm with you in this,


  1. Thanks Ferree for the reminder -there is life for the widow and there is hope - the word that shouted at me in this song is "WHEN" not if or maybe but "WHEN" - it will happen for all of us - God made a promise and He is faithful.

  2. This is a beautiful and inspirational song and I can see how it's message can offer/remind others of hope.

    My faith tells me that he's on the good side of goodbye..but my heart only remembers how he didn't want to leave us..I struggle with that. I wish I break free from it but I can't right now..I can only place my hope that he's coming back.

  3. Dear Swans and Sparrows, :)
    You're comments show such thoughtfulness and the fine tuning of hope. Our If's will change to When, and there truly is a good side to goodbye. I struggled with the same, especially knowing how dearly Bruce loved to live, and he loved his kids and me and I could not picture him not missing us. And I still can't, but the thing is, that's God's call and He promised it would work. What's up to me now is to engage in the struggle, figure out the choices that I do have, and fix my eyes on Christ, no one else. It's hard, but its key. I wish I could make it all go away but I'll really be praying for you!

  4. Thank you for sharing this song,the words are so beautiful and inspiring as were your words and comments. Today, I began to struggle( again) with how my husband loved his family and all he wanted to do and I began to ask God why...again. I went out with my children and all the hustle and bustle of life made the reality of heaven seem so far away. All I longed for was having him by my side. Today's post and comments are just for me. I am reminded I am not alone and there is life after death not only for my darl in heaven but for me. My prayer like apostle Paul is 'that I may know Him'. My husband's sudden death raised so many questions about what we believe as Christians. I pray the Lord answers them in ways that will reassure me and keep my faith from wavering. Halima


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