Thursday, August 30, 2012

Photo Opp for Your Charming Pictures

Do you have some photography skills that are looking for a showcase? Or maybe you'd just like to share some of your surest shots in a meaningful and ministering way?

I am in need of a variety of good photos for this blog. Some are creative still life, others are landscapes. Widows' lives are as varied as everyone else's, so I'd like a great variety on hand. Coincidentally, I just discovered what sacred stories can be shared through great pictures. For the example that God sent to me (no other way to explain it)---visit For Those Who Weep and see a tribute for a brother.

Specifically, I'd like to have the following objects:
open Bible
empty chair
table for one
porch light
life preserver
seasonal landscapes
grocery cart
piggy bank
birthday cake

Signs that say the following:
Prayer Request
Do Not Disturb
Thumbs Up
Thumbs Down

And people pictures like:
praying hands
holding hands
hands hold Scripture, a purse, a hammer, a dollar bill, etc

I think the following would need a signed release:
a woman sitting alone in church
a woman praying
a woman reading her Bible
a woman walking alone
two women helping each other
mom and kids
woman at her computer, on the phone, at work, etc

If you have any pictures like these please let me know if you'd be interested in sharing them on this blog. I don't receive any payment for what I do here, but I'd be happy to give you full credit and link the photo to your site. Photos can be attached to emails to I'll let you know when I post them so you can enjoy seeing them used. ferree
PS. Wouldn't you rather see your pictures here than mine? Sorry to scare you! LOL

Help! I need help with pictures!


  1. This morning I am facing the huge mountain of photos I have just for you. I printed out your list and will try to learn how to get the slides onto the computer. I still believe in miracles. Thanks for motivating me to do this monumental job.

  2. Dianne, thank YOU! Take your time and enjoy them and the memories. No need to rush. God's miracles always come through at the perfect time.
    @ everyone else---I'm thrilled with the pictures you're sending me! thank you so much!

  3. I'm a professional photographer and would love to share photos with you! I will print off your list and are what I can send!



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