Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Introducing Cindy Adams

When I have a chance to meet a blogging friend in person, I take it. Especially when the Lord pulls details together like me "just happening" to be in Atlanta, and Cindy "just happening" to find out I was there and being able to meet me for lunch!

Cindy Adams and Ferree

Last Friday was such a day, and I met Widows Pursuits blogger Cindy Adams for lunch at a Thai restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Two delights rolled into one lunch hour as I not only met Cindy in person and heard bits of her amazing story, but I also tasted coconut soup for the first time. (I was afraid it'd be too strange, but it was surprisingly delicious and wowie!)

Cindy was widowed at age 34, with two little girls to take care of and no life insurance. Yet today, she thrives. God is faithful dear friends!

I'm reading her book manuscript and I plan to interview her later this autumn. And I'm hopeful I'll be able to tell you when her book is ready to come out too.

Speaking of meeting Internet friends, I'll be travelling from South Carolina to Wisconsin during part of September, and wouldn't it be fun to meet for coffee somewhere along the way? If you're interested, please email me for more info. Maybe the Lord will work things out so we can "just happen" to meet too.

P.S. You can meet Cindy like I first did---through her blog. Just click here. If you hurry, you'll catch her "I'll Never Marry Again! (Did I Say NEVER?)" story. Join her site for posting updates, and leave her a comment about how you found her through the WCP. We bloggers love to hear how we're all connecting.


  1. I nominated you for a "lovely blog award" for your courageous and honest expression of loss and pain...and the beauty you have found therein. See my page to accept.

    Bless you. Psalm 121.

  2. Ferree, what a wonderful lunch! And God's timing, the way we met was awesome. Great way to meet other widows on our travels. Blessings, Cindy


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