Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Widow's Story: Phyllis Vavold

I met Phyllis via telephone a few weeks ago, and I'm so happy to introduce her to readers here on the WCP! She's a real encouragement, and with all that the Lord has brought her through, you will feel strengthened and renewed when you hear her story of surviving this tragedy.

One moment she's talking with her husband as they motor down the highway to their vacation destination in Oregon . . . in the next they are slammed head-on with 130-miles-per-hour of a teen-powered stolen car.

Hear what happened and how Phyllis found the strength to cope and heal by clicking here for the inspiring broadcast on Words to Live By from RBC Ministries. Visit her website at to find out more about God's grace and provision during the terrible storms of life.

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  2. Thanks for following this blog, Ana because the sad thing is sometimes a woman is pregnant when she's widowed, so your blog link might be just what they're looking for. So here's the love back at 'cha. blessings on you.

  3. Phyllis,
    You are amazing! Thank you for helping the rest of us through our hard times. You are an inspiration and great joy.


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