Friday, April 27, 2012

Thought For Today

If the Artist can create such a masterpiece from light,
 air, and water vapor, how much more
can He do with our lives? Ruth Lovelace 4/25/12


  1. Thank you, Ferree. I appreciate this reminder. All of our lives have the potential to be beautiful just like this breathtaking sunset. When Jesus is the Light of our lives, He can bring forth great beauty from deep brokenness. With Him all things are possible - day by day, step by step! I know you understand this and are a lovely example of God's grace.

  2. Renee', How true, all things are possible with God, and I see widows like you shine with such beauty of the Lord. What a privilege! hugs to you!

  3. Amen!

    Today was the 5th anniversary of my husband's passing. I thought about going to the gravesite, but decided against it. He's in heaven, and God's given me a future and a hope.


  4. Dear Susan, Your comment reminds me of the angels' words to the women at the tomb of Christ---"why do you look for the living among the dead?" What a comfort to know your husband is in heaven and God has good plans for you to complete in this new chapter of your life. hugs to you on this 5 year mark.

  5. Ferree, you've been on my mind a lot lately, since before the FFW in Grand Rapids, which I wondered if you went to. Now that I see you're in a transition period, maybe it was the Holy Spirit bringing you to mind. I'll pray for your changes.

  6. Jane, i think it was definately the Holy Spirit! I appreciate your prayers! Lots of challenges, and I might even get the book out on top of everything else! I'd love to catch up with you sometime.


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