Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wisdom for Widows

There was a title of a book that has always played in the back of my mind. I never read the book, it seems the title said it all for me---Don't Waste Your Sorrows. And this little poem says the same, and so does yesterday's video, 1000 Moments.

I always wonder at how the Lord brings these threads of a common theme here to the WCP at times. Are you the one who needed to hear this word today? Am I? To open our eyes, our arms, our heart, even in the midst of pain? It is sooo worth it, each breath, each fragrance, each salty tear. So live today, embrace all it holds, for a new day will come, maybe its today.

Do not cheat thy
Heart and tell her,
"Grief will pass away,
Hope for fairer times in future,
And forget today."

Tell her, if you will, that sorrow
Need not come in vain;
Tell her that the lesson taught her
Far outweighs the pain.

--Adelaide Ann Procter (1825-1864)

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