Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fun: Colors!

What did you call them when you were a kid? Crayons? Crayolas? Colors?
By any name, wasn't a new box of them your favorite fresh school supply every year?

Why not sneak out and buy yourself a box today! Enjoy the pleasure of staying in the lines--when everything else in life is out of control it's kind of nice to bring order and beauty to a clean sheet of paper. 

Get a couple coloring books while you're at it to share with the grandkids, your own kids, or find some kids to babysit for so you can all color together. Everything's better together.

For more kid-crafty fun, visit the Crayola website for over 1000 coloring pages and ideas, and download some free pictures like this one. You need some new refrigerator art, right?
Have fun!

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