Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Good Start to Any Day

We all know that prayer is the best way to start the day, but sometimes it's really hard, isn't it?

It was for me. So hard, in fact, that I began to use other people's prayers, and that was really different for me. Not how I was raised. But, oh, so good!

I finally understood an inkling of the richness of The Lord's Prayer. I used Ruth Myer's "31 Days of Praise" like a crutch, and God used these printed forms of prayers to answer the deepest yearnings of my heart.

Here's a wonderful prayer that a new friend on Facebook shared with me and I'd like to pass her words along to you.

Carolynn says:
A friend once shared with me, the following prayer of St Therese of Lisieux, to know God's will for her life. I have made it my own & like to begin my mornings with this prayer. Hope it will be a blessing to you as well. Sharing with you as follows:

grant that I may always allow myself to be guided by You,
always follow Your plans,
and perfectly accomplish Your holy will.

Grant that in all things, great and small,
today and all the days of my life,
I may do whatever You require of me.
Help me to respond to the slightest promptings of Your grace,
so that I may be Your trustworthy instrument.
May your will be done in time and eternity, by me, in me, and through me.
(With the help of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ)

(I added the part in parentheses)
I find it a meaningful prayer & beautifully expressed. If you do as well, hope you will share with others. God bless & keep you, Carolynn

Thank you Carolynn, I'm sure others will find this very helpful.
Rest well this weekend, everyone. Lay your burdens down and rest in the Lord.
You can also connect with other widows on Facebook. Just go to FB, add me (Ferree Hardy) as a friend and I'll add you to our closed (not public) Lifeboat group.


  1. That is a beautiful and meaningful prayer.

  2. I love that prayer and will make a copy of it,so I can remember it.


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