Thursday, February 17, 2011

Resources for Widows: Connect With Others

I follow a number of blogs and thought I'd give you a brief tour of my corner of the 'blogosphere'--a bonafide term for you blogging geeks out there. I was touched by so many Valentines Day blogs; I'm sorry I couldn't list them all, but I think you'll appreciate the variety here.

After you click on the link to get to the blog, it's easiest to click the back arrow at the top left corner of your screen to get back to this site. I hope you'll enjoy meeting these other widow bloggers and that you'll start to get to know them. Tell them Ferree sent you! :)

Wendy is remembering her Valentine by supporting The American Brain Tumor Assoc. Path to Progress. Wendy's husband, Chris, passed away only 22 days after his diagnosis. Their son, Ian, was 17 months old, and daughter, Claire, was 10 days old--yes, 10 days. Her amazing journey is at Us Without You.

Ruth lives in Canada and this is her first winter alone. But she finds blessings and surprises in this day, and her photography is stunning! Click here for Ruth's Photo Blog.

Last year Valentines Day, Joannah and her husband had just received the worst news about Michael's kidney cancer. This year she's pregnant from IVF she decided to proceed with. Read her remarkable story and love for the Lord at Beauty for Ashes.

I love the way Megan writes. She speaks for all. As one comment about this blog said, this blog post is "poignantly, beautifully perfect." Not Even A Wren is a precious treasure.

And finally, (wish I could post more, but must stop somewhere), Gilliam is a new widow. Shortly after Christmas they were in a car accident. Each of the children were injured, some severely. She writes with incredible grace. Please pray for this family's recovery and read Journeying.

There are several ways to find blogs. Of course you can Google, but be sure to click the drop down menu for 'More' to select blogs.

The very best way to find other blogs is this: when you're reading a blog you like, slide over to their blog list or link list and launch your visits from there. Also, if you're reading comments on a blog, click on the name or face of the person who wrote the comment--you'll be sent to their site. You can also click on a bloggers "About Me" info in their sidebar, and that usually shows all the other blogs they follow.

The greatest way to get connected is to leave a comment when you visit. That's the payback for most bloggers and they'll love you for it. I hope you'll enjoy these connections and finding new friends!


  1. I'm looking forward to visiting these blogs today. :)

  2. I have to take a second look,when my name appears on a widow's blog.Somehow,I feel like I don't belong here,yet I know all too well that I have come to that place in my life where the term Widow,applies.I will be checking these other sites.

  3. Love to you both, Joannah and Ruth. You're among friends, and I admire you so much!

  4. thanks, ferree. That was a very sweet surprise.

  5. Thank YOU, Megan, it was my privilege. Your blog always amazes, intrigues and makes me think.


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