Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Single Living Skill: Best 50 Evangelical Blogs & Over-tired Babes

Here's something you don't find every day: a listing of "Best 50 Evangelical Blogs" with WCP in the top 10!
Two of my favorite bloggers, "Fringegirl" and "Mylestones" made the top spots. Click These Are The Ways Back That I Know for some peaceful reassurances, and always check Fringegirl for some laughs.
I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I have! Click the badge for the full 50 and what they say about WCP.
But, wow, am I tired. Almost to the point of over-tired-baby-tiredness. You remember what over-tired babies are like, don't you? Their "on" button is stuck; they can't sleep; they're in a frenzy; they 're laughing one second and screaming the next. Well, maybe I'm not quite that tired, but definitely fatigued and heavy-laden. A widow friend on Facebook put out a status that said "Overwhelmed." I could relate.

"Overwhelmed" can easily become a widow's identity. Grief is exhausting, single-parenting and making all the decisions by yourself is consuming. Yet God is in it all, somehow.

I read Psalm 18 the other day. It's full of battle and thunderbolts and enemies and Victories. And it has my "life verse." It took me about 40 years (no kidding) to discover the one verse that describes God's direction for my particular life; one verse that always encourages me, always speaks to me. (Can you guess which one it is?) Yet I hadn't looked at it lately. Now as I go back and recall God's intervention, I feel my soul begin to pick itself up, lifting, and energizing with enough strength to finish this paragraph.

And when I need to go on to my next chore for the day, enough strength will meet me again. That's what God promised. Even if my next chore is to go lie down on the couch for ten minutes. Or it may be to close my eyes and count to ten.

Are you tired, too? Be kind to yourself today.


  1. I think my next chore IS to lie down for about 10 minutes. No sleep last night thinking about Kevin... crying... trying to distract myself with Hulu and Lucky Charms... yeah. Definitely need some rest!

  2. What a superb compliment. You do such a good job Feree. The Lord bless you dear!

  3. Wow, what a great compliment to all the work and soul searching you do for the blog. Hopefully, it will lead more souls to your blog.


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