Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tools To Help Your Daily Time With God

Last week I mentioned some methods of reading through the Bible in one year, and today some readers chimed in with their favorite devotional books. Especially if you have a hard time concentrating,( a common symptom of grief), instead of trying to read the entire Bible, try a devotional book this year.

Cicero Sings said...Two devotionals that I really like are:
"Streams In the Desert" and
"My Utmost For His Highest"
Another book that has been a big influence on me at different times in my life is:
"Hinds Feet on High Places" by Hannah Hurnard. I read it yet again after D died.

Ruth said...
For the last several years I have been using the booklet from Radio Bible Class, Our Daily Bread.

This Bible Gateway website provides a daily Bible reading plan, mobile uploads, e-books, and audio versions of the Bible.
Another link with several devotional sites for women: http://www.gospel.com/topics/devotionals

Bridgett added the devotional Consolation by LB Cowman to our list, written after the author became a widow. Out of print, but maybe you'll come across it in a shop or library. This is the same author of Streams in the Desert and Springs in the Valley featured above.
Two other books I'll add are 31 Days of Praise and Daily Light. Click the links for more info.
Another good resource is the year of daily devotionals sent free to your email from Griefshare.
So many choices! But the best thing is to just do it. With or without any of these helps, just read your Bible and pray every day. That's spiritual nourishment: God talking to you, you talking to God. Keep those lines of communication open and ready.

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  1. LB Cowman's devotionals are so comforting and encouraging! I just finished Consolation and Streams in the Desert and will be starting Springs in the Valley tomorrow. She even wrote one for youth, Mountain Trailways. All of these except Consolation are still in print and can be found at amazon.com. I read Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest last year and it was good too.


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