Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily Light for Every Day with Anne Graham Lotz

Dear Reader,

I’ve used this little book since I received it for Christmas in 1999. One morning as I was reading, the phrase “the Lord is my portion” impressed me.

“What a good phrase,” I thought. “I should start collecting key truths like this and put them in a file for when I’m a cute little old widow in my eighties.”

Bruce died that very night. I poured over “the Lord is my portion” time and time again. The Lord used this little book to directly sustain me on that day and many days since.

Anne Graham Lotz wrote in the introduction, “On a morning when I did not have the time or emotional strength to search the Scriptures for promises to claim for all that I faced on that day, God used Daily Light to answer the cry of my heart.”

Daily Light is a compilation of verses for morning and evening meditation. I usually use it in the morning. It takes only a few moments. If a particular verse interests me I look it up in my Bible to read the context. Sometimes I write it down on a scrap of paper and put it in my pocket to remind myself throughout the day.

In the Anne Graham Lotz edition, she has added a lovely section of over 50 selected Scripture readings for the Seasons of Life, Special Occasions, Suffering, Success, Struggles, Strength and Salvation. Each of these sections covers life events from infancy to old age: divorce, illness, birthdays, marriage, baptism, loneliness, loving a prodigal, infertility, empty next, temptation, answered prayer . . . on and on!

This is a classic worthy of its leather bound cover, gilt-edged pages, and satin ribbon marker. I’ve had mine for over ten years now and it has held up beautifully. I appreciate the poetry and depth of the New King James version. Daily Light is a lovely gift for special occasions, but first you should give it to yourself.


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