Saturday, November 20, 2010

God's Timing

Why is it so much easier to rest and relax when I remember God's timing is perfect?
There is a time for everything under the sun. Ecclesiastes 3

I can mentally assent to the truth that God does everything in his proper time but I don't always appreciate that truth experientially.
Many times, I'd like God to expedite my prayer request and desires. I want them now! Why can't he understand that? When I don't get my way, I sometimes behave like my just-turned-three-year-old Iliana. I throw a tantrum. I moan and groan to God. I mope around--at least internally. But when I step back, I think about how distasteful unripe fruits and vegetables are. Or really anything that we eat uncooked or half-baked. There is a natural rhythm on the earth, seasons. There are seasons of life. There are natural rhythms and seasons in the spiritual life, too.

God is not a "shove-it-through-half-baked-sloppily-done" God. He does all things well and everything happens in its time. While we're in the process of bearing fruit, really we shouldn't be self-concious of it, that is unhealthy, but if we think of it for this particular metaphor, we must think about the fact that God wishes us to bear healthy, ripe fruit. He does not wish it to be plucked or offered until it is ripe.

All throughout the book of John we hear Jesus say, "My time has not yet come" or hear the disciples report "his time had not yet come." Jesus did not do anything out of turn. He didn't try to make a puzzle piece fit where it didn't go. We often do that. And then we wonder why we are having trouble or why there is chaos in our lives.

If we would just submit to God's timing, to the natural rhythm of his universe and kingdom, then we'd be filled with peace and see that he does make everything beautiful in his time.
This was from my friend Marlena, at her blog: Following Christ Through The Wilderness. Thanks, Marlena!
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  1. Feree,

    This is hilarious. I went to read your blog and didn't know it was my own writing until I read Iliana's name. What a trip! I love this blog, you know this, although I am yet not a widow. Love you though. I was just thinking, I wonder where you could advertise this so that so many widows and other women could access it? It is so needed! I look to your other posts!

  2. Marlena, Now I'm cracking up! Glad you recognized your daughter! I think about advertising every once in a while, but haven't thought of any ways that will not cost in time and money. Maybe down the road a bit. Right now I'm trying to network more, but also realize content is probably more important. To me it's worth doing for the amazing women I've met so far, and it's growing slow but steady. Blessings on you my friend.
    (Thanks for reading, writing, sharing and commenting!)


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