Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Back Into Daylight Savings Time

Fall back the first Sunday in November. Spring forward on the second Sunday in March.

Tuesdays are dedicated to Single Living Skills, and Daylight Savings Time takes some skill whether you're single or not. It's been especially confusing since George W. and Congress signed the law in 2005 that changed it in 2007! Just for the record, it used to be Fall Back in October, Spring Forward in April.

Don't worry about any of this if you live in Arizona, Hawaii, certain counties of Indiana, or outside the U.S. on the continents of Australia, South America, or most of Africa and Asia. Of course if you travel through or in and out of any of these areas, prepare to be off by an hour. Take it from me, living next door to Indiana is really fun. It doesn't matter much if I'm just traveling through, but if I'm spending the night or attending an event I always have to ask what time it is. This long, skinny state keeps three different times. Hooray for freedom!

What time is it by you? It'd be fun if anyone who reads this would drop down to the comment line and put their local time in the box. (Yes, I need to get a life!) But go ahead, try it out! :)
Don't forget to add in your eastern, central, mountain or Pacific time zones if you're in the states. Other countries are welcome, too, please tell where you're at.

For more nerdy little factoids about Daylight Savings Time (and crazy comments), visit this link at Suite 101.com a conglomeration of stuff ranging from plumbing parts to God Save The Queen.

Oh, look at the time! I've got to run. Have a good day, my friend, and please visit tomorrow because I promise it'll be more touching than this! But no matter what time it is, remember God is with you. He never sleeps or takes His eyes off of you.
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