Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How To Be Alone

Tuesdays are dedicated to developing single living skills--aka The New Normal. I know, I know, but you've got to do it sometime. And may as well be here.

I don't know who this girl is, but I like her attitude! Once you view the video, click back and share which picture or phrase you related to best--the coffee cup, library, park bench, etc.

Check out this great MSN Video: How To Be Alone

In other words, have you found some things you actually like about being alone?
Staying up as late as you want, controlling the tv remote, leaving the bathroom door open, getting a pet . . .
Shout it out!


  1. I like being alone at the grocery store these days. I can take my time. It's so nice to look through a sales flyer, price compare and find coupons without being rushed or having interuptions. I also like being in control of the thermostat.

  2. I like driving by myself. I don't know why, but it's a really good thinking time for me and very relaxing. Also, ditto on everything Bridgett said. And on the video, I think I may have to try taking some knitting to the park. :)

  3. When my husband travels, I let my mood dictate when to eat and how long my watercolor paints and pads stay out on the dining table.


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