Thursday, May 6, 2010

Contest for Kids!

Do you know some kids who like to draw and can tell two paragraphs about why they want to honor a special lady for Mother's Day?

Here's a contest for kids from a Christian mission that specializes in ministry to women and girls all over the world:

Rosebuds for Mother's Day Contest

Kids should submit entries of an original work of art, along with two paragraphs telling " Why I want to honor you on Mother's Day."

There are three age categories. Winners will have their art posted on the website, and $100 in food and education will be given in the winner's name to a child overseas. Click on the website link above for more information. Entries must be received no later than May 9 (Mother's Day). This is short notice but you can email them.

Sisters In Service is an evangelical ministry with an emphasis on helping impoverished women and girls around the world with the good news of Jesus Christ. Their website states, "Sisters In Service works to restore the lives of abused and exploited women and girls in high-risk places, equipping them to live in freedom and faith for a strong future."

On Thurdays I like to feature resources specifically for widows, and Sisters In Service is one that helps widows, among other women as well, in other countries. I'd encourage you to explore this good ministry. Don't forget today is National Day of Prayer. (Don't you think both Mothers Day and National Day of Prayer should be every day??) Check back tomorrow for a little grin, and Saturday for some quiet time. ferree

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