Monday, March 22, 2010

Let's Just Talk

Monday's topic is grief. The process, the twists and turns, the questions, the hope . . .
We can learn and benefit from each other's experiences as we share.

In light of that, I was wondering which of the following topics you'd like us to talk about?

Here are some that have already been requested:
Annette suggested these questions for widows: Should you move? and If so, how soon should you move out of your house?
Deb asked out of her own experience, What about organ donation? Many widows are faced with this jarring question at the sudden death of their spouse. How did you answer the medical team when they asked you this question a few minutes after announcing your husband was dead? What did you say? Any suggestions for pre-planning? How did it feel to read the thank-you notes afterwards?

And then there are the following questions we can put our heads together on:
  • What did people say to you? What was the most comforting thing anyone said? What was the worst thing?
  • Did you receive any gifts of special acts of kindness that were really helpful or timely?
Well, I think these are enough questions for now. There are so many more ready to pour onto this page--dating, finances, grief counselling or therapy, sleep disturbances, dreams and "ghosts," anger, children, loneliness . . . They'll get their turn.

For now, please respond either in the comment link below or email me at

Check back here daily for single living tips on Tuesday, a widow's story on Wednesday, help for widows on Thursday, a silly smile on Friday, and rest for your soul on Saturday. We're in this together! Ferree

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