Thursday, April 7, 2011

Widows Resource: Griefshare

Griefshare offers grief support groups in churches all over the US, Canada and ten other countries.
On their website you just type in your zip code to see if there is a group near you.

I attended one of their groups a couple years ago and can highly recommend it. You’ll receive a workbook to follow during the 13 sessions.

Each session begins with an informative video from various grief counselors or pastors, plus a few plain and ordinary people like you and me who talk about the journey and the hope.

After the video the group leader facilitates a discussion. You can get as involved as you like or it's OK to just listen. There are great resources on the website for follow-up after the course, including a year of free emails. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Have you attended a Griefshare group? I'd love to hear your experience!


  1. I, too, attended a Griefshare group. Since grieving is approached by a Christian perspective, I found it helpful. Attending to grief through Christian eyes is essential.

  2. So true! Years down the grief road now, I truly would have despaired without a relationship with Christ. He gives peace that passes understanding.


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