Sunday, April 24, 2022

Starting a Group Can Be a Joyful Journey

Dear friend,

Several weeks ago a widow named Jenny updated me on the group she started in March of 2021. It's just over one-year old now!

She was widowed on Jan. 17, 2020, and she says that starting the group, "...has been such a healing for me."

 Since last March, they've met once a month for encouragement, scripture and prayer. Sometimes they have a speaker, a cooking class, or an outing. They also had a Thanksgiving dinner which 16 ladies attended. This year her group also started going through my book, Postcards from the Widows' Path, using the 5-session discussion guide.

She granted permission for me to share her email with you. It's full of good ideas for different activities each month, and you might even want to borrow the group name-- Joy for the Journey. 

Good morning - I thought I would give you an update on our “Joy for the Journey” group and the Bible study. 

The monthly meetings are going well - usually 8-10 ladies are attending.
January we talked about setting goals for ourselves.
February we talked about the love for our spouse, sharing wedding pictures and stories. (Not all felt like sharing, but that’s ok).
Then we talked about how much God loves us and gave his life for us. Some ladies do not attend church and may not know God personally, so I share that whenever I can.

This month we are going out for lunch. I have 15 signed up!
I guess not having to wear a mask has made them ready to go out again .

The Bible study of Postcards from the Widows Path has had 3 lessons with 7 ladies attending. All of them are loving it. One lady wasn’t sure she could come because the first section she read made her cry. I assured that it’s ok to cry- Jesus wept. Plus I feel that tears are a way of helping us heal.

It has been such a good thing for me to do. The ladies are enjoying our meetings and the study but I’m gaining so much from it too.

Last March was when it began and I have about 20 ladies that come from time to time.
I keep in touch with them by text, calls and cards. It has been such a healing for me.

I so much appreciate your column, book and emails.

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for more info
Thank you,

Thank YOU, Jenny, and may God continue to bless your path and your journey! Please continue to keep us posted. 
Are you in a widows group? Whether you meet for socials and fun, or grief support, Bible study or all of the above, it always helps others to hear about how you do it. Please email me at to share. Send a photo too if it's ok with everyone! 💗 Ferree

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