Monday, August 9, 2021

Because A Widow Invited Him ...

Dear Friends,

Plain Values is a one-of-a-kind magazine with true stories you'll never find on the evening news. (I've been writing a column for them called Widows Path for the last five years). Here's a snippet from this month's feature article by Elaine Tomski.  Mention of a widow caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you. I wonder, what would have happened to this little boy if a widow had never reached out to him? Who needs your kindness today?


...Ron was ready to find out why he was living... Within a few months, Ron could confidently speak in public and began raising his hand to participate at school.

“The next thing I knew,” says Ron, “I was invited by a neighbor to church camp.” His neighbor, Delores Ray, became a widow at twenty-six when her husband was robbed and murdered outside a neighborhood store. Delores was left alone with three young children to raise, but rather than becoming bitter and feeling sorry for herself, she chose to share the love of God with the young people living in her community. Delores Ray is the woman who would lead young Ron to Jesus Christ.

Delores transported Ron to camp, along with all the other unchurched kids she could pile into her car. Amazed by the worship and the hunger he felt to learn more about God, Ron soaked up every word....

Read more of Ron Archers story here, The story of a child who God saved from abortion, abuse, neglect, disabilities, suicide (at age 10), and poverty. The same child, now a man, who has proclaimed Christ all over the world, is at the front lines of rescuing others with the grace God gave to him--in part because a widow named Delores Ray invited him to church camp and eventually led Ron to place his trust in Jesus Christ.  ❤

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