Monday, May 10, 2021

My Friend's Solution to Simplify Final Requests

I don't think final requests ever will be an easy thing to work with or consider. But my long-time friend from Wisconsin told me something so

B r i l l i a n t

(and kind of funny!) that I just have to share it with you today! 

She is the trustee for a relative, and her relative, in my opinion, is totally prepared and has all her paperwork and arrangements in order. This relative is a widow, so of course she's on my list of wisest women in the land, but this tops it all as the best advice ever.

When my friend is notified that her relative has passed, she will certainly be very sad. But she also has the keys to her abode, and she has some tasks to do. The first thing on the list is this:

"1. Throw away all my underwear."

Now that's unforgettable, isn't it? I'd never thought about that, had you? 

I'm sure I won't care who's pawing through my undies after I'm gone, but right now, maybe I do! I mean, do I really want strangers going through it at the thrift store? Or the grandkids gingerly holding it up with two fingers and saying "Ewww?" (Let's face it, ladies, you could have the queen's finest and the little knuckleheads would still make fun of it!) Or the church ladies? Heavens NO! 

So "1. Throw away all my underwear." to me, is brilliant! 

But even better is what's next. Because after that, when the relative started telling my friend where to find this file and that file, and the keys to the safe deposit box... do you know what my friend said? (You're going to love this!) --- "Just keep all those important papers in your underwear drawer and I won't miss a thing!"

I hope you enjoyed this light-hearted tip this week, and maybe some of you will even use it! I have to go call my sister about my underwear, but I hope you have a special week ahead, lightened by God's grace, some listening friends, and a little laughter along your widows path.   

💓 ferree


  1. HAHAHA! Honestly, I like this and I'll tell my daughter. I know when hubs went to glory, I went through his clothes because *I* didn't want anyone else pawing through his personal items.

    1. Oh Mrs. Mac, we've got women from here in SC to WI, to NM and CA calling their closest relatives to tell them to 'throw out the panties!' It's so funny! But you bring up a good point--it goes for the hubbies as well! I know one dear lady who bought her beloved new underwear for his casket attire. Whereas for me---I'm pretty sure I forgot to send some for my husband to the undertaker---and I think both my husband and I are still laughing about that.


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