Monday, March 1, 2021

Widow & Widowers Retreat - March 26-28 THIS MONTH!

60 Sandy Cove Rd., North East, MD, 21901
800.234.2683 or 410.287.5433
March 26-28. 

 Are you ready for a respite? I just found out about this but it's so important!

 Sandy Cove Ministries in North East, Maryland is offering a retreat for both widows AND widowers!

 I would definitely go to help out if I lived closer! Visit the Sandy Cove website and check out the retreat info. It will be a very relaxing and informal schedule. I think you'll love the views and the fellowship even though you have to follow covid restrictions for masking up and social distancing. At the end of March the views on Chesapeake Bay will be fabulous and you can find some local restaurants or shops in the little town of North East or visit the Turkey Point Lighthouse and more! 

The speakers will be wonderful, I know them all. Here they are: Dr. Denise Rollins, Gigi Williams, and Miriam Neff. Click here to find out more about them. I heard Denise Rollins speak last year and she was fantastic! She will be at the retreat in person. Gigi and Miriam will visit via Zoom sessions. 

Cost includes two nights of lodging and five meals. Reserve your room online or by phone. Also call if you have questions. 800.234.2683 or 410.287.5433, They are very helpful and can answer your questions much better than I can.

P.S. In case you are wondering, this is not the Widows Journey Retreat which I've promoted for last several years. It had been cancelled due to covid this year. This is instead, sponsored by Sandy Cove, with full covid safety precautions. The heartbeat of Sandy Cove is ministry, and I think (this is my opinion here) that while the full-scale Widows Journey Retreat could not run as usual under the covid restrictions, Andrea and her team at Sandy Cove felt God calling them to open their ministry to those who need a getaway, some fellowship, and the quiet presence of God in a beautiful natural setting. I expect it will be much smaller and more intimate, with more time on your hands to explore Sandy Cove and all it has to offer. (There is a prayer room, mini golf, corn hole, walking paths, and more!) 
everyone hopes and prays Widows Journey Retreat will be back next year, but in the meantime, this could be a very refreshing getaway! I hope you can go! If you do, please tell me all about it. 
💗 ferree 

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