Thursday, February 4, 2021

Sue's Ring Story

Surrounded by 30 inches of snow, and thankful it had been plowed out already, my friend Sue shared these good thoughts about a widow's rings: (thank you, Sue!)

 This is an issue that certainly generates strong emotions... Here are my thoughts, for whatever they're worth!

First, there are NO RULES on this -- not from the Bible, not from etiquette, not from psychology, nothing.  That means that the widow can do whatever she likes with her rings & NO ONE has the right to tell her she's wrong.

Second, for me personally, I will wear my rings till I die.... Why?  Because I have no intention of ever marrying again.  
Me & Sue in 2019 at
Widows Journey

While I don't particularly like being a widow I view it as a title of honor &, if I can no longer be married to him, I am now honored to be my husband's widow, just as I was honored to be his wife.  

The rings represent his love for me & my love for him, our commitment to one another & our vows made before God & His church.  Looking at them on my finger makes me feel happy, not sad.  They make me feel proud & honored.  

The rings also remind me of God's sovereignty & love for us in that He chose us for each other (of which I am totally convinced, but that's a story for another day!)  Again, this relates only to me personally, & I make absolutely no aspersions or judgments on what other widows choose to do.

Hope you are keeping safe & well.

Love in Christ,
Suzanne Bowles

PS. Tomorrow my friend Maria shares about her rings. Widowed two times, and still young, you will cherish her insights too. It's not too late to tell your ring story! Please use the comment box below or email me at

I'm sad to say that the Widows Journey Retreat was cancelled for this year because of the pandemic. But I will announce it in plenty of time for the next one. It is held at Sandy Cove Ministry Center in North East, MD, on Chesapeake Bay. Google it for more info or to enjoy the lovely photos  ❤ ferree


  1. Love your friend Sue's ring story!! Thank you, Suzanne, as this really helps me! I might use some of your words when someone asks me about my rings. Thank you so much!!

  2. I will let Sue know. I loved it too, and am so glad you found it helpful. <3


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